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You have made a Great Decision to allow the Power of “Reviews” to help your business stand out amongst Your competition!

According to a 2018 ReviewTrackers Online Reviews Survey: Statistics & Trends Article:

  • 81.5% of Consumer MUST see a 4 to 5-Star Rating to Trust a Company!
  • 63.6% of Consumers use Google as the Review Site of choice and that trend is Growing!
  • 94.3% of Consumers are driven away by Negative Reviews.
  • 53.0% of Consumers expect a response to Reviews within 5 days! 2 days is BEST!
  • Reviews must be current to be relevant because it shows consumers YOU are STILL the Best Choice!

You will get a steady stream of 4 and 5-Star Reviews from YOUR CUSTOMERS when you ask them for Reviews and use this system you have at your fingertips!